Friday, May 31, 2013

ABKachina Installed

It took about 10 days of fiddling, starting from here, but I seem to have "finished" the Airplane Barbie Kachina:

And now maybe (part of the name) makes more sense:

The rest of the name can be traced to my friend Brian's vision of the result of my move to New Mexico: Giant Barbie Kachina. So it's kinda too bad that I had to place it just out of the site lines for my uphill neighbor to be able to truly appreciate it.

There are three layers which each move or spin independently. The bottom hair rotates clockwise in the breeze. The middle power-unit spins counter-clockwise with added propellers. And the top plane-hy-bird (with feeder) tacks in the breeze and flaps its wings -- this was the original idea that morphed slightly when Michael and Melody gave me a squirrel-proof bird-feeder partway through my "design" "process".

I would like to point out that exactly zero (0) new materials were purchased in the making of this monstrosity. Much of the metal is recycled or left-over, a few hardware bits and bobs are new-old-stock, and I used about a metric-S.L. of MIG welding wire sticking the bobs to the bits -- especially when kludging the thin galvanized fence posts to the top plate to make the tripod. I also need to add special thanks to Kaahl in the Attic for remembering that I had all those copper-float half-balls left over from The Eightfold Path.

The wind has been going like gang busters all week.Wednesday it blew the thing over and then tore up the plane-hy-bird on re-entry. But it seems to have held up since then...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Local Color XVI

nothing to see here -- keep moving

This seems to have made the national news of the weird so I guess everyone already knows about it...but...I just can't resist...

Police: Driver drove drunk while having sex

Posted at: 05/29/2013 8:45 AM
By: The Associated Press

Luis Briones

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - A New Mexico man is facing multiple charges after police say he was drunkenly having sex with a woman while driving, crashed his car in Albuquerque, then hid from police behind a cactus.
The Albuquerque Journal reports that Luis Briones was found with one shoe on and his shorts on inside-out Monday night after he crashed his Ford Explorer.
In addition, police say the 25-year-old's female passenger was found naked outside the vehicle after being ejected. Authorities say she had deep cuts to her face and head.
Police say after the crash Briones tried to drive away and leave his passenger behind when a witness grabbed his keys from the ignition.
He is charged with aggravated DWI, reckless driving and evading police.
No attorney was listed for him.
(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)

If y'all don't actually believe this could be happening, here's the police report (courtesy of which appears to be some kind of image hosting site...):

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Airplane Barbie Kachina Machine

I visited a metal sculptor during the Eldorado Open Studios last week and decided that I could just weld a buncha dropbin-bits together and install the results in my arroyo as a project for my executors.

Here's the first day's effort:

With some hair added:

More layers are in process.