Friday, May 9, 2014

Yet More Flattery, Update

So. I'm achieving even higher ground vis the visibility thing. I got a (seemingly) positive mention in the official review of the Santa Fe CCA show:

(sorry about the tabletized viewing interface, but it is free afterall)

Mostly the reviewer didn't like the show, the idea of the show, or the show's content very much. However the actual relevant positive text taken out of context reads:
The dogged visitor will find some strong work in the show:
painting [by]...; photography ...; sculpture ...; magical multimedia ...;
and wry, witty, wanker-ish pieces by Janet Russek, Yuli Nishimura,
Michael Schippling, Laura Stansiola, and Ligia Bouton.
In comparison I notice that the work of the other artists referenced in my sub-phrase is either wry or witty, so by elimination I come to the conclusion that my Rabbit Ears must be the wanker-ish example. Now wanker has a specific meaning in British slang so I'm hoping that he really meant something like geek-ish but was so taken with his wit-eration that he ran with it. No harm no foul when no publicity is bad publicity. I guess.

I also don't quite know what he though was so magical about the multimedia, but video projection can seem pretty mysterious to those who still yearn for the AbEx lifestyle.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Flattering Update

I've recently found that I am within two years of being absolutely contemporary:

Zimoun : 36 ventilators, 4.7m3 packing chips, 2014 from STUDIO ZIMOUN on Vimeo.

Just as a reminder, my less popular installation from Sept 2012 can be seen here:

In Other News

I put the Alchemical Mobsters 30 year old contemporary music in the cloud so it can be more easily copied: